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Covid 19 - temporary closure of offices


Due to the growing threat arising from the Covid-19 epidemic, our offices in Wrocław and Bielsko-Biała are closed from March 16 for a period of 2 weeks. Thanks to the remote work of our staff, we ensure meeting deadlines for submitting tax returns and declarations as well as fulfilling other obligations arising from our contracts.

Sales results for the financial year 2018


In the 2018 financial year, LEDGER Biuro achieved revenues from the sale of services in the amount of PLN 700 687 compared to PLN 554 640 in 2017. The increase compared to the previous year amounted to over 26%.


Accounting services 

Generally, the price of our accounting services is calculated on the basis of two elements – flat-rate monthly salary for keeping accounting records and tax accounting, and additional fee for drawing up the annual financial statement (if needed – only the so-called comprehensive accounting).

Each of the prices is individually negotiated with the client. We always take into consideration the amount of labour resulting from both the number of the processed documents and their complexity, as well as client specific requirements. Therefore, the given below price quotations are rough estimations and may constitute the basis for further negotiations.

  • Keeping the Tax Revenue and Expense Ledger (monthly) - from 200.00 zł
  • Keeping books of accounts- comprehensive accounting (monthly) - from 700.00 zł
  • Drawing up the annual financial statement (yearly) - from 700.00 zł

Personnel and payroll services

The office’s remuneration for rendering personnel and payroll services is calculated on the basis of the number of employees on the payroll in a given month. Unit price (lower in case of businesses employing more workers) is in the following ranges:

  • Those employed under an employment contract or other  contract subject to mandatory insurance in ZUS - from 70 to 80.00 zł monthly

Those employed under a contract not subject to ZUS - from 40 to 50.00 zł monthly