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 For one-man businesses,  

 general partnerships,  

 registered partnerships,    

 professional partnerships

 - siplified accounting.

For entrepreneurs running one-man businesses, as well as general, registered and professional partnerships we offer services including:

  • Keeping Tax Revenue and Expense Ledgers
  • Calculating monthly or quarterly advances on personal income tax (PIT)
  • Keeping records for the purposes of accounting for VAT, drawing up monthly or quarterly tax returns (if needed)



If your business is run on the basis of the entry in the Business Activity Register in Municipality Hall (individually or as part of a general partnership), and if the chosen form of activity is a registered or professional partnership subject to registration in National Court Register, you are most probably not required to keep books of accounts (so called comprehensive accounting). As long as your business revenues are no higher than EUR 1 200 000.00 per year (PLN 4 784 400.00 per year according to current exchange rates) simplified accounting, usually in the form of the so called Tax Revenue and Expense Ledger,  is a sufficient form of keeping records.

For joint-stock companies,

limited liability companies,   

limited partnerships  

- books of accounts.

Our offer for joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and other subjects specified below includes:

  • Keeping books of accounts in accordance with  laws of Poland in force
  • Drawing up a mandatory annual financial statement
  • Calculating the amounts of advances on corporate income tax (CIT) and drawing up annual tax returns
  • Keeping records for the purposes of accounting for VAT, drawing up monthly or quarterly tax returns (if needed)

Subjects required to keep books of accounts regardless of generated revenues are joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and other organisational units such as foundations, associations or branches of foreign enterprises operating in Poland. Also other subjects, which in principle are exempted from this obligation, have to open books of accounts if their business activity revenue is higher than the limit of EUR 1 200 000.00 (this year it is PLN 4 784 400.00). Keeping accounting records in the form of books of accounts is more laborious than the simplified forms of accounting, such as e.g. Tax Revenue and Expense Ledger. On the other hand, comprehensive accounting can provide valuable information, which is useful in enterprise management and which is not available for units only keeping tax registers.

For employers

- personnel and payroll services.

Our personnel and payroll services offer includes:

  • Keeping employees’ personal records – personal files, records of working hours, documents regarding employment and its termination
  • Keeping payroll records and files – the payroll, lists of contracted services, remuneration registers, accounting for personal income tax (PIT)
  • Documents for ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)  - employee registration documents, monthly statements of account, benefits records, RMUA monthly reports for the insured



For all   

- additional services. 


Beside the presented above offers, our office provides also a vast array of additional services, including:

  • consultancy as to the selection of the right form of conducting business activity
  • drawing up documents necessary for registration
    (partnership agreements, applications to the National Court Register, declarations for the Tax Office and social security, etc.)
  • representing our clients before  tax authorities, ZUS, National Labour Inspectorate and other institutions during verifying and audit proceedings
  • drawing up management accounts for the unit’s domestic needs and following requirements specified by our clients
  • preparing financial records for loan applications and leasing agreements
  • assistance in selecting the most advantageous solutions regarding workers employment


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