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About us

       We established LEDGER accounting office in mid-2006 together with Jacek Korta, my partner in Pyramid Soft s.c. consulting firm. At that time, we were working on introducing advanced IT systems supporting business management. We came to conclusion that the acquired knowledge and experience should

also be valuable for the subjects that not necessarily can afford modern ERP systems. It became our aim to grant our clients access to world-class solutions, supporting accounting processes without the need to bear the costs of purchasing and maintaining software, IT infrastructure and their own accountancy professionals. We had the right technology – developed by Pyramid Soft, Merlot® IT system had everything needed – remote access over the Internet, the possibility to work in Polish, English or French; and it allowed data exchange with the software used by our clients and their banks. We could modify the system and adjust it to constantly changing tax regulations on our own.

      The success achieved in the first few years of the office’s operation assured us that we were heading in the right direction. For further development of our business, some organisational changes were required. That is the reason why, at the beginning of 2010, the accounting office became separated from Pyramid Soft and transferred to a newly established company LEDGER Biuro sp. z o.o.

      We specialise in supporting foreign entrepreneurs conducting business activities in Poland, however, 60% of our sales revenue comes from Polish businesses. The constantly increasing client base is serviced by high-class specialists in accountancy and personnel and payroll services. Their knowledge and experience allow meeting challenges emerging in the course of cooperation with our clients.


Mieczysław Sokolski


CEO, LEDGER Biuro Sp. z o.o.